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Building the Market-Leading School In the school business, the strong survive, the weak do not. The forward-looking, fast ones get to play, the conservative, slow ones are left behind. Those who succeed in school business do so by becoming more innovative. And it is much easier to be innovative if a school is a market leader in something. To be competitive, school leaders must face reality. Look reality in the eye and don’t flinch. What could be more straightforward than that?

Facing reality is one of the most important business growth strategies. Whether in business, life or even in ministry, those who can acknowledge truth are usually successful. Yet for all sorts of reasons, it is difficult to face reality. It often seems so much easier to avoid the truth. The truth hurts. The truth is painful.

The truth is embarrassing. The truth can be self-defeating. Yet, facing that truth is what makes a business so simple. Facing the truth in school business is a large part of the ball game. Do that, and the chances are that your school will turn out all right. The act of leading comes down to one simple thing: Determining and facing reality-about strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat- and then acting quickly and decisively on that reality. Most mistakes that school owners make, arise from not being willing to face reality and then acting on it. Chapter1 Most of the highly effective business philosophy is based on the simple premise that it is better to own up to reality than to bury one’s head in the sand:• Face the reality that the school business is becoming increasingly competitive.
• Face the reality that being an educationist does not make one a successful school business owner
• Face the reality that marketing and innovation is the ultimate key to a successful business.
• Face the reality that you can’t keep on doing the same thing the same way and get a different result.
• Face the reality that there cannot be a success in life without passing through pain-if one refuses to pass through the pain of doing, he's going to pass through the pain of regret.
• Face the reality that no man can give what he does not have, hence, you just have to acquire what you need at a cost for you to be able to give that.• Face the reality that faith without work is dead.
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